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High Cotton Coffee Company

They say if you follow your heart (and a good cup of joe), you'll end up somewhere special. Today, that special place is right here – and it all started with a dream.

My name is AnneMarie Carr, and I am a lifelong coffee fanatic with a passion for flavor, community, and homegrown goodness. From my PNW roots to my Italian heritage, my love for coffee bloomed early. After five years navigating the industry, learning every bean-to-brew secret, a dream took root: to create a coffee experience that was more than just caffeine, but a reflection of authentic connection and quality.

For years, I jotted down notes – pros, cons, customer wishes, casually mentioned desires – all whispering the potential for something real. But I knew making a true difference required more than just observations. It required taking charge, brewing my own future.

And so, with a leap of faith and a heart full of beans, High Cotton Coffee Co. was born! Inspired by my Grandpa Bob's wisdom that the best of the best is "High Cotton," we're here to deliver just that. Expect ethically sourced, homegrown, organic beans roasted to perfection, each cup bursting with flavor and crafted with genuine care.

This isn't just a coffee company; it's a passion project, a dream realized, and an invitation to join me on this delicious journey. So, grab a cup, pull up a chair. Let's experience the High Cotton difference, one sip at a time.

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